August 22 2011

Soy Man Boobs

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Does Soy Cause Man Boobs ?

Soya products have flooded the market in recent years, as more and more people are finding ways to avoid eating “unhealthy” foods.

They can range anywhere from Soya milk to Burgers or Hotdogs. But there is a question that needs to be answered. Do soya based products increase your chance of getting man boobs ?

Yes they do. It has been proven that soya products will lower a man’s testosterone level and increase his level of Estrogen. Male breasts will grow abnormally large if the body produces too little or too much testosterone. However if the level of Estrogen is also raised this will have devastating effects on the breast tissue, causing them to grow up to 300% larger then normal.

You might be asking yourself “how much is too much.” It is fine to consume soya products in moderation, and there shouldn’t be any signs of increased breast tissue. But when abused soya can be devastating to the male body.

For example the well known actor Jeremy Piven was recently questioned by the press about his quite large man boobs. He admitted to drinking approximately 12 cups of soya milk daily. Recently he has stopped drinking soya milk and his breasts are back to a normal size.

Another case of soya products causing male breasts involved a man over 60 years old who had enormous man boobs, when asked how much soya milk he drank, he admitted to consuming almost 1 gallon of soya milk daily. Soon after the interview he quit drinking soy milk completely and within time his man boobs went away.

Overall soya based products are safe to consume daily and will not cause the male breasts to grow abnormally. However as with many types of foods, if abused and not eaten in moderation there can be devastating circumstances.

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