August 21 2011

Exercises For Man Boobs

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Exercises for Man Boobs

It is possible that you have seen men at the gym or in public who are in good shape, appear to work out, yet they have man boobs.

Just the other day I was at the mall and I saw a guy who was around 6 foot 3 and 250lbs, he looked like a football player. Guy was huge with everything in proportion except he had MASSIVE man boobs. I mean atleast a CC cup which would make most women jealous. Muscular Man Boobs It was obvious he kept himself in shape and worked out frequently, so why the big boobs ?

Many men who suffer from Gynecomastia will attempt to loose their breasts by doing specific exercises or workout routines, but do they work ? and if so which are most effective ?

Cardio – This exercise consists of frequent body movements which increase your heart rate. Some of the more popular techniques include:

  • Running or Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Elliptical or Stairmaster

While these exercises are key to having a healthy core interior and low cholesterol level, they are not meant to firm or tighten your overall physique. By doing a cardio routine you will loose a percentage of excess fat in your legs and lower body, while ignoring the issue of the upper chest.

Pushups – This exercise is one of the best for overall upper body strength training. However pushups can be difficult for overweight men who lack the necessary muscle in their arms. If you can manage over 30 pushups per day you will definitely notice a difference in your chest.Man Boob Pushups The flabby loose skin will tighten up and your breasts will sag less and start to firm up. However this exercise will not eliminate your man boobs or decrease their size significantly.

Bench Press – This exercise works a similar area of the body as pushups do, Targeting the chest and upper body. One thing that makes bench press more favorable is the fact you are able to adjust the desired weight, rather than lifting your entire body mass with pushups. Unfortunately this workout will have the same effect on your breasts. While firming and toning your chest the bench press will definitely not eliminate your gynecomastia.

There are only a couple proven methods to eliminate man boobs and they consist of surgery or pills/creams/serums. Gynexin is the leading pill use to eliminate male breast tissue. Click Here to check out the Gynexin review.