August 22 2011

How To Hide Man Boobs

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How To Hide Man Boobs

Approximately 66% of men will suffer from Gynecomastia, aka: Man Boobs. The cause for this growth in the male breast tissue can be related to several factors. High or low testosterone, certain medications, kidney problems, even Diabetes are just a few of the causes behind Gynecomastia.

This disease can be very tough on the male ego as breasts are normally related to females only. This can cause the sufferer to avoid certain clothing or situations in order to hide their problem.

  • Start wearing loose clothing – Baggy or loose clothing will hide the shape of your body. An example would be to wear one size larger, or how many obese women wear muumuus(pronounced moo moo) a very large dress which worn loosely hides the contours of the body.
  • Wear dark colors – It has been said that dark colors are more flattering compared to light ones. Although nothing has yet to be proven.
  • Male Bras – As seen on the classic tv series Seinfeld, male bras are no joke. They are available in many different shapes and sizes, and are built to conceal male breasts.

While some of these tricks and tips can work in certain situations, they often cause more problems then good. Shopping for clothes can become troublesome quickly as you are limiting yourself to over sized dark clothing. This can add extra stress on yourself if a certain style is only available in white or a lighter color.

Imagine your hanging out with the guys and your bra strap falls down your arm.. or even just walking down the street. There are embarrassing situations which can occur while wearing a bra (just ask a woman).

In some places hiding your man boobs will be impossible, and men with Gynecomastia tend to avoid most of these situations:

  • Going to the Beach or Pool
  • Being intimate with your partner
  • Wearing tight or proper fitting clothing
  • Changing rooms or locker rooms
  • Working out at the gym

You might be thinking it’s best not to conceal my breasts, and time to eliminate them. If you would like some additional information on how to loose man boobs naturally click HERE.

Otherwise feel free to try a male bra, loose clothing, or even dark colors to hide your breasts. However, remember that your problems are like your shadow, even if you run from them they will always stay with you.