October 16 2011

Gynexin Side Effects

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Gynexin Alpha Formula Side Effects

Gynexin consists mainly of 100% natural ingredients providing the consumer with a safeGynexin Alpha Formula Pills and effective product to help reduce embarassing man boobs.

When taking any type of medication its vital to research the ingredients and side effects to ensure your health and well being. Consuming cheap fillers, binders, artificial hormones or chemicals is unhealthy and can produce nasty side effects.

This leads us to Review Gynexin Side Effects in depth as well as the effect it will have on your body. Keep in mind the percent of people who showed side effects is extremely low and they do not effect everyone who uses Gynexin.

  • Dry Mouth or Thirst may occur, in the majority of studies this was the most common side effect. People taking Gynexin are instructed to drink 250ml of water with each tablet minimalizing the chances of these symptoms.
  • Mild Upset Stomach only effected users who typically have a more sensitive stomach then normal. If your stomach is weak and gets irritated easily its best to eat food before taking Gynexin
  • Increased Heart Beat is the least likely side effect to occur and is extremely rare, however if by chance you experience this side effect it would be in your best interest to cease taking Gynexin and return the product for a refund

If you have heart problems or any medical conditions its always best to consult a physician before taking Gynexin or any medication.

Combining prescriptions can have side effects, so if you are currently taking any medications ask your doctor if they can be taken with Gynexin.

Gynexin Alpha Formula