Our Official Privacy Policy:

In order to provide users with an enhanced web 2.0 experience we track anonymus user data for a wide range of purposes. By using this website you must agree to the following terms:

  • I understand cookies may be placed on my computer
  • I understand my anonymous statistics may be tracked
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What information is being tracked?

Like millions of other websites we collect basic tracking data, IP address, country of origin, time spent on site etc.

We however do NOT collect personal information such as date of birth, name, address etc.

Should you wish to not have your statistics tracked you need to look into options to protect them or you may not use this website.

Here are some helpful suggestions to keep you anonymous online:

  • Use a proxy server
  • Use better privacy plugin
  • Turn off cookies
  • Turn off javascript

This should keep all your basic information private, however 99% of users do not use these steps.

Thank you for visiting our privacy page, should you need further assistance please contact us.