December 13 2011

Worlds Largest Male Breasts

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Worlds Biggest Man Boobs

eliminate man boobsGuo Feng is a 53 year old dairy farmer who resides in rural farmlands of Chin. He also holds the record for having the “worlds largest man boobs“.

Being a farmer is very demanding, and the large breasts made doing his job nearly impossible.

“Things like milking cows and carrying buckets became quite hard. If one of the calves got free and I had to run after it, my boobs would start heaving and bouncing. The last few years it’s become unbearable” said Mr Feng.

Not only were his male breasts causing physical strain, but also the emotional aspect was taking its toll as well. Ridiculed daily by neighbors and passerby’s, his wife Jia Ling left him to live with her mother.

largest man boobsDesperate for relief he set out in search of treatment from several different doctors and specialists. After spending his entire life savings on different tests and examinations without results, Mr Feng became so desperate he threatened to “cut them off himself”.

Finally Dr Zhang Lilan at the Jinan Chest Hospital in Beijing offered to remove his breasts surgically free of change. “We wondered if he had eaten any poisons or contaminants but have found nothing after testing his blood. His genetic material is also normal, it is not any form of cancer it seems to be fatty tissue.” said Dr Lilan.

buy gynexin onlineWith his enormous male breasts removed Guo Feng returned home a new man with his wife again by his side. “The past few years have been hell – but now I can make a new start as a fresh man.” he said.

Men suffering from Gynecomastia face both the physical and mental side effects of this embarrassing problem. Options such as Surgery to remove the breast tissue can be both painful and expensive. Costing upwards of 4000-8000$ US this procedure is often not covered under medical insurance.

buy gynexin pillsLuckily for men worldwide there is a safe and effective solution called Gynexin, a natural formula which targets and reduces the size of the male breast. With a success rate over 95% Gynexin stands behind their product, with a 60 day money back guarantee.

buy gynexin pills

With no risks involved and such an outstanding success rate its no wonder men worldwide have decided to buy Gynexin. Read the complete Gynexin review for yourself!

August 22 2011

Gynecomastia In Boys

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Gynecomastia In Boys

Although Gynecomastia is referred to frequently as “man boobs”, the development of male breasts can begin at a younger age. While typically boys go through puberty later then girls, there have been signs of male breast growth occurring as early as 12 years old.

Diagnosing a minor under the age of 16 with Gynecomastia is rare and virtually unheard of. Normally once the child is done puberty and the body is finished growing a diagnosis will be made.

However since it is possible for a boy of 12 years to start growing breasts, when he has reached 16 years of age or older a doctor may suggest surgery to remove the tissue.

This may be all for not, since quite often boys tend to finish puberty at 18 years old and stop growing around the same time. So even if the tissue is removed if the patient is still growing it is possible that the breasts will redevelop.

Alternative treatments such as Gynexin, are generally not recommended until the child is at least 18 years old or done puberty.

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August 22 2011

The Rock Man Boobs

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The Rock Man Boobs

buyIt is possible for any male to suffer from man boobs. Whether you are short, tall, skinny, fat or somewhere in between Gynecomastia doesn’t discriminate.

One well documented case of celebrity man boobs is the Actor and former pro wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Despite working out and keeping in top shape all his life The Rock had the embarrassing issue of man boobs.

After researching the cause of man boobs you will find there are many options available to help eliminate male breasts such as creams and pills or even surgery. With money not being an issue Dwayne Johnson made the decision to go under the knife.

Paying upwards of 8000$ this is a very expensive treatment. He is not alone, there have been several celebrities who have dealt with man boobs in the past such as:

  • Simon Cowell, The notorious American Idol judge
  • Jorge Garcia, Hurley from the TV show lost
  • David Gest, Liza Minelli’s ex husband
  • Jack Nicholson, Yep not even Jack could avoid man boobs

Paying anywhere from 3500$ to 9000$ US for breast reduction surgery is not something everyone can afford.

Not only is the price a major deterrent, but the thought of anesthesia and the permanent scarring also factor in.

For these reasons there are new alternative medicines such as Gynexin which offer an affordable product guaranteeing results or your money back.

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August 22 2011

Soy Man Boobs

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Does Soy Cause Man Boobs ?

Soya products have flooded the market in recent years, as more and more people are finding ways to avoid eating “unhealthy” foods.

They can range anywhere from Soya milk to Burgers or Hotdogs. But there is a question that needs to be answered. Do soya based products increase your chance of getting man boobs ?

Yes they do. It has been proven that soya products will lower a man’s testosterone level and increase his level of Estrogen. Male breasts will grow abnormally large if the body produces too little or too much testosterone. However if the level of Estrogen is also raised this will have devastating effects on the breast tissue, causing them to grow up to 300% larger then normal.

You might be asking yourself “how much is too much.” It is fine to consume soya products in moderation, and there shouldn’t be any signs of increased breast tissue. But when abused soya can be devastating to the male body.

For example the well known actor Jeremy Piven was recently questioned by the press about his quite large man boobs. He admitted to drinking approximately 12 cups of soya milk daily. Recently he has stopped drinking soya milk and his breasts are back to a normal size.

Another case of soya products causing male breasts involved a man over 60 years old who had enormous man boobs, when asked how much soya milk he drank, he admitted to consuming almost 1 gallon of soya milk daily. Soon after the interview he quit drinking soy milk completely and within time his man boobs went away.

Overall soya based products are safe to consume daily and will not cause the male breasts to grow abnormally. However as with many types of foods, if abused and not eaten in moderation there can be devastating circumstances.

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